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DS1248 Break Ic Attack Cpld Copy Ram Crack Mcu Chip

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DS1248  Break Ic Attack Cpld Copy Ram Crack Mcu Chip
 Real-time clock (RTC) keeps track of
hundredths of seconds, minutes, hours, days,
date of the month, months, and years
 128k x 8 NV SRAM directly replaces
volatile static RAM or EEPROM
 Embedded lithium energy cell maintains
calendar operation and retains RAM data
 Watch function is transparent to RAM
 Month and year determine the number of
days in each month; valid up to 2100
 Full 10% operating range
 Operating temperature range: 0C to +70C
 Over 10 years of data retention in the
absence of power
 Lithium energy source is electrically
disconnected to retain freshness until power
is applied for the first time
 DIP Module only
 Standard 32-pin JEDEC pinout
 PowerCap® Module Board only
 Surface mountable package for direct
connection to PowerCap containing
battery and crystal
 Replaceable battery (PowerCap)
 Pin for pin compatible with DS1244P
and DS1251P

DS1248  Break Ic Attack Cpld Copy Ram Crack Mcu Chip