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EPC16UI88 Break Ic Attack Cpld Copy Ram Crack Mcu Chip

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EPC16UI88  Break Ic Attack Cpld Copy Ram Crack Mcu Chip
EPC devices offer the following features:
■ Single-chip configuration solution for Altera ACEX 1K, APEX 20K (including
APEX 20K, APEX 20KC, and APEX 20KE), APEX II, Arria GX, Cyclone,
Cyclone II, FLEX 10K (including FLEX 10KE and FLEX 10KA), Mercury,
Stratix II, and Stratix II GX devices
■ Contains 4-, 8-, and 16-Mb flash memories for configuration data storage
■ On-chip decompression feature almost doubles the effective configuration
■ Standard flash die and a controller die combined into single stacked chip package
■ External flash interface supports parallel programming of flash and external
processor access to unused portions of memory
■ Flash memory block or sector protection capability using the external flash
■ Supported in EPC4 and EPC16 devices
■ Page mode support for remote and local reconfiguration with up to eight
configurations for the entire system
■ Compatible with Stratix series remote system configuration feature
■ Supports byte-wide configuration mode fast passive parallel (FPP) with an 8-bit
data output per DCLK cycle
■ Supports true n-bit concurrent configuration (n = 1, 2, 4, and 8) of Altera FPGAs

EPC16UI88  Break Ic Attack Cpld Copy Ram Crack Mcu Chip